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Sourcing, Management, and Distribution

EDC has spent over 50 years building a core competency in sourcing, warehousing, and distributing custom made products.

The Foundation

In 2013 EDC expanded our strategic sourcing and inventory management services into non-customized items, allowing small to mid-sized companies that didn’t otherwise have professional buyers or procurement departments on staff to save and manage like much larger companies.

Providing strategic sourcing and inventory management assists with price reductions, overhead reduction, increases cash flow, streamlined processes, and the overall management of the network of suppliers and the employees that need their products.

The Advantage

EDC’s proprietary software platform, Centra, connects employees across multiple locations to the products they need in one centralized e-commerce location. This simplifies the supply chain by connecting the people directly with the products they need, when they need them. The interface is a traditional e-commerce storefront but custom-built with your supplies, and when desired, your existing suppliers, making training a non-issue.

Centra amplifies EDC’s supply chain management foundation by centralizing, simplifying, and managing the network surrounding your business. It also provides reporting on activity and inventory, as well as a proprietary variable data application so that different locations can create locally targeted marketing materials.

What People Say About Us

"They provide an on-site representative to handle all the printing requests and questions. They also register all our associates so they can use the website. EDC is a true business partner."
Bob Calderon
Bass Pro Shops
"It’s like Amazon for supply chain management."
Chad Troutwine
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