Why Place Holiday Orders Now?
Prepare for the Shipping, Material & Labor Challenges

What You Can Do... NOW!!!

We're not pushing to GET your business we're pushing FOR your business! With the cotton ban, labor challenges, port shutdowns and material shortages you MUST think way ahead for promotional items, apparel, printing and shipping. Read more to see what you can do, but first let's talk briefly about…

…The Why

Cotton Ban


Brief on the Cotton Ban

The Washington Post said, "U.S. ban on China’s Xinjiang cotton fractures fashion industry supply chains" 

Many American brands have blacklisted almost 90% of the Chinese manufactures citing human rights violations. This has placed a kink in the supply chain for apparel or anything containing cotton. 

Labor Shortage


Unemployed Staying Unemployed

There has never been as much reluctancy for the unemployed to accept job openings. Wages are up, but there is a record number of people quitting their jobs. The cause is multi-leveled with many different speculations on  how and when we will recover from the labor shortage.

These shortage are slowing the production of all products and creating great challenges on services in the United States.

What You Can Do...



Port Shutdowns and More...

The impacts of COVID 19 will continue to slow production and transport of items for months or years to come. 

One of the biggest challenges is the shutdown of many ports worldwide. The importing of products will reduced the number of products available as well as slow down the delivery.

What You Can Do... 



54% of Purchases are Online

We are at an unprecedented time where more purchases are occurring online than at retail stores. With the increase in online purchases, due to CoVid, labor shortage and other factors, shipping companies are stressed. As mentioned above, many port shutdowns are also delaying shipments.

What You Can Do...

What You Can Do...

Contact Us

Contact us NOW so we can help guide you through and establish a timeline. We want you to pull off your plans, so do not delay.

Order ASAP

Order ASAP! If you have events or plans to distribute promotional items or apparel around the holidays, or soon after, you MUST order ASAP. Many companies are not accepting "Rush Orders" 

Be Flexible

Be open to options. Because of the shortages and struggles many products from specific brands are not available. Be open to an alternative.

Avoid Changes

Don't change your order! Any changes to your order will likely cause bigger delays than you expect.  Changes to art or materials could dramatically slow arrival of your product.

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