Custom Apparel Management

In the late 2000’s, EDC expanded into distributing Custom Apparel. By providing all custom-made options to its customers, EDC increased its perception as a one-stop shop for sourcing, warehousing, inventory management, and fulfilling for the largest companies in the area.

What sets EDC apart from other apparel distributors is EDC’s ability to create a custom-made eCommerce site for our customer’s employees. We also manage inventory and fulfill orders. EDC can set up apparel programs where the admin is involved as little or as much as they like. And EDC sources apparel for ANY industry: construction, culinary, hospitality, corporate, school uniforms, and more. Existing partnerships with designers allow EDC to assists in the development of new, fresh designs for organizations as well, to help refresh and add variety to the corporate closet.

In addition, by integrating EDC’s new Centra platform, our customers are able to expand their apparel campaigns into a custom built online ordering system for anything important to their supply chain.

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