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Print Management and Distribution is where EDC got its start in 1967. Currently, with more than 26,000 printing companies in North America, and 2.5 printing presses available for every 1 print job, it is more effective to source print than it is to manufacture it yourself — if you know how. This started the sourcing, warehousing, fulfilling competency that EDC has fine-tuned today.

The trend in the 1990’s and 2000s was to remove professional print buyers from organizations and replace them with generic buyers to find one print vendor to do it all. Each press is specifically built to produce one type of product really well. But printing companies tend to focus on building recourses in one area, so they can maximize their throughput through standardization, rather than trying to keep multiple “product lines” staffed and operational.

When companies try to do this, they lose their overhead advantage in their core function, and their prices go up. As a result, printing prices on a single project have an enormous price range, regardless of whether you are quoting locally or nationally.

The ability to reverse engineer custom products and match them to multiple printing companies that specialize in the specific process required is what EDC does best. Additionally, because we are sourcing millions of dollars in print each year, we are given special consideration from our print partners on pricing that many organizations simply can’t get — and these savings are passed on to our customers. As a result, EDC manages your print vendors for you, provides some of the best prices in the industry across the board, and provides additional resources for warehousing, kitting, and fulfilling. EDC is the one-stop shop Print Manager of choice for the largest organizations in the area.

Sometimes, due to either the small size of the print job or the speed in which it is needed, outsourcing isn’t an option. That’s why we support our efforts with an internal, light manufacturing printing facility, concentrated in some of the most sought after digital printing equipment in the industry. This way, EDC can produce what you need at the right price if your orders are small, timely, or we simply weren’t happy with the prices received from our sourcing efforts. Either way, EDC has you covered.

With the addition of web-to-print solutions and EDC’s new, proprietary Centra platform, EDC has simply taken Print Management to a whole new level. By offering anyone inside your organization access to a custom-built e-commerce storefront, EDC adds another level of automation into the process and makes it easy for your employees to get what they need. Furthermore, a built-in Design Tool allows for print orders to be configured in one centralized location — allowing your employees to build what they need, and get approval, right inside the queue.

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