Supply Chain Management and Strategic Sourcing

EDC believes that companies should be able to focus on core business activities without the distraction of managing complex supply chain demands. EDC is in a unique position to deliver resources to manage decentralized and complex supply chain demands.

We can deliver these resources at a very high level to all businesses.

EDC combines old economy infrastructure with new economy technology to provide a complete supply chain management system for our members. EDC sources, warehouses, distributes, reports, and provides a proprietary e-commerce interface for use inside an organization so that any employee, at any location, can order whatever they need in order to execute their mission.

Large organizations make money with Strategic Sourcing by professional buyers and sophisticated procurement. Yet, small to mid-sized companies often can’t afford the elaborate management of suppliers or the ultra-high volume, so they can’t maximize value from suppliers.

EDC has spent 45 years maximizing Strategic Sourcing efforts of customized products. From Print Management to Promotional Items and Custom Apparel, we have perfected the professional buying process. In turn, EDC expanded into managing non-customized products in 2013, leveraging existing infrastructure and core competencies to the demands of partners with billions in revenue.

Building on this foundation, EDC developed Centra to amplify the benefit to customers and deliver a remarkable experience in supply chain management. Centra centralizes, simplifies, and manages in the way only software can, connecting your employees to the products they need, when they need them, streamlining your supply chain, reducing overhead, and directly increasing your company’s profitability.

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