Warehouse & Fulfillment

Every customer utilizes some level of warehousing, fulfillment, kitting or distribution. Warehousing services make up the core physical infrastructure at EDC. From turnkey warehousing to inventory management and sophisticated fulfillment solutions that leverage our proprietary Centra platform, EDC is the premiere Warehouse and Fulfillment provider in the Springfield, Missouri area.

EDC’s warehouse is located less than 50 miles from the population center of the United States, which makes it the perfect option for nation-wide demand. If you need to manage shipping costs from coast to coast, being in the middle of the country provides fewer shipping zones and faster delivery.

Furthermore, because EDC offers Strategic Sourcing services as well, 3PL partners from around the country can be utilized if speed in certain geographic areas offers a compelling opportunity beyond standard cost management.

When used in conjunction with EDC’s proprietary e-commerce platform, Centra, the warehouse and fulfillment infrastructure allows EDC’s customers to centralize, simplify, and manage their inventory, throughput, and procurement as if they were a much larger company.

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