10 Employee Retention Facts

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The wants and needs of employees vary depending on industry, job function, and personal preferences. Below are some of the things that employees want most out of their jobs today + Why Employees Are Really Quitting.

  1. Allow a Good Work-life Balance
    Employees want to have a reasonable workload that allows them to maintain a healthy work-life balance. This can include flexible work schedules, telecommuting options, or generous vacation time.

    • Flexible work arrangements

    • Clear boundaries between work and personal time

    • Opportunities for self-care

    • Time off 

  2. Create a Supportive Company Culture
    Employees want to work in a positive, supportive company culture that values teamwork, collaboration, and open communication.

    • Collaborative work environment

    • Strong communication

    • A positive and respectful work environment

    • Openness to feedback

  3. Give Recognition and Show Appreciation
    Employees want to feel recognized and appreciated for their hard work and contributions to the company.

    • Incentives and rewards

    • Encouraging words

    • Team recognition and bonding opportunities

    • Show you truly care about them

  4. Help them Feel Secure

    Employees want to feel secure in their jobs and have confidence in the stability of their employer.

    • Reassure employees there job is secure

    • Show stability of your company with numbers

    • Regularly check in for honest feedback

  5. Create Opportunities for Growth and Development

    Employees want to be challenged and given opportunities to learn and grow within their roles. This can include professional development programs, leadership training, or mentorship opportunities.

    • Professional development programs

    • Leadership training

    • Opportunities for mentorship

  6. Explain the Value of their Work
    Employees want to feel that their work has meaning and makes a difference. They want to feel that their work is aligned with their personal values and passions.

    • Review your mission statement

    • Step back and explain why they are important

    • Develop relationships with charitable organizations for employees to explore 

  7. Be a Supportive Manager
    Employees want to work with managers who are supportive, communicative, and empowering. They want to feel that their managers are invested in their success and are helping them achieve their career goals.

    • Don't micromanage

    • Listen to their ideas (truly listen)

    • Never speak condescendingly

  8. Provide Health and Wellness Benefits
    Employees want access to health and wellness benefits such as health insurance, gym memberships, and mental health resources. Know who you are competing with for talent and the benefits they are offering.

    • Fitness classes/memberships

    • Mental health days

    • Good health insurance

    • Provide volunteer opportunities to boost morale and make a positive impact beyond their work

  9. Supply Technology and Resources
    Employees want access to the latest technology and resources that enable them to do their jobs more efficiently and effectively. This can include software tools, hardware, and other resources that help them stay organized and productive. Allow time for continuing education and skills training. Tons of online resources available.

    • Up-to-date hardware and software

    • Organizational tools

    • Skills/Trade seminars

  10. Competitive Compensation is a Must
    Although current trends indicate pay is not top of the list - employees of course want to be paid fairly for the work they do and they want to be compensated at a level that is competitive within their industry and market.

    • Pay well if possible 

    • Have candid conversations about job descriptions

    • Annual bonuses and raises based on goals achieved

    SIMPLE TIP: Build a great culture with a greater purpose! 

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