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Team Stores


At EDC we provide the complete supply chain management system for our customers. EDC sources, warehouses, distributes, reports, and provides a robust e-commerce platform for use inside an organization so that any employee, at any location, can order whatever they need.


Become more cost efficient by combining our print shop with our online variable printing e-commerce process. EDC can set up a business card, company form or anything needing variable data (changeable text) so that your team can simply fill out information online and send straight to our print shop.


EDC e-commerce is well integrated with EDC fulfillment. Avoid the hassle of storing and shipping product by allowing EDC to take your products from the web to warehouse to shipping. Our job is making your company more efficient so you can focus on bigger challenges.

Safe, Secure &  Versatile

Our safe and secure e-commerce system is built so companies can have multiple catalogs with multiple users. Our customers can also setup team members with different user levels.

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