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EDC, a remarkable women-owned business, has thrived under the exceptional leadership of Jill Ayers since 2019. With eight years of experience in the printing industry as a sales representative, Jill has honed her skills in print processes and technologies, setting an inspiring example for women entrepreneurs.

As CEO of EDC, Jill's dedication exemplifies the strength of women-owned businesses, driving the company's print, promo and fulfillment success. Her Bachelor of Arts degree in Graphic Design and commitment to continuous professional development showcase the power of education and lifelong learning for women in leadership roles. With qualifications in print knowledge, graphic design, sales, bookkeeping, and organization, Jill's versatile skills serve as a testament to the unlimited potential of women entrepreneurs. Through her innovative approach and determination, Jill inspires and uplifts women in business, making EDC a shining example of excellence in women-owned enterprises. 

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Sourcing and inventory management was a natural segue into fulfillment. This simplifies the supply chain by connecting the people directly with the products they need, when they need them. EDC can help companies in many ways. EDC can print your marketing material, help you locate and design your promotional items, we can store the items for you, then we can complete the process by fulfilling your orders and logistically get the items where you need them.

EDC's e-commerce platform is also available for inner company and companies with multiple locations that want to get control over their inventory and ordering processes. Your company could have an internal website for employees or remote locations to log into and place orders from our warehouse and EDC will fulfill the orders and get your inventory to your locations.

Team EDC

 CEO & President

Jill Ayers

Owner & CEO

Jill, an experienced sales representative, spent over eight years in the printing industry, honing her skills and knowledge in print processes and technologies. Jill’s responsibilities encompassed sales, customer service, bookkeeping, and organization, enabling her to establish strong relationships and leading Team EDC.

Tommy Ayers


With a Bachelor’s degree in business administration, Tommy brings proven experience in project management and strong organizational skills to his role. Tommy excels in communication and stakeholder management, providing updates, addressing concerns, and facilitating effective collaboration.

Aaron Wahlquist
Director of Marketing & Business Development

Aaron Wahlquist, our Director of Marketing & Business Development, is a Brand Guardian Extraordinaire. With a passion for visual excellence, he conducts our creative symphony, ensuring flawless graphics across projects. Committed to preserving your brand's essence, Aaron upholds guidelines, capturing hearts with visual masterpieces. With a Master's Degree and more than 30 years of experience in graphic arts and marketing, he's a seasoned expert. His expertise includes 11 years as Communications Director for the Home Builders Association. Aaron works full-time, going the extra mile when needed, making him a valuable asset to your brand's integrity.

Brad Hamman
Director of Business Intelligence & Analytics

Brad is a seasoned professional with 25+ years of expertise in business analytics, process design, system analysis, and project implementation. His unique blend of critical and creative thinking sets him apart. He excels in bridging the gap between technical know-how and functional strategy, adapting effortlessly to diverse environments. Brad's skills include problem analysis, program management, project coordination, and effective communication. He impresses with his presentation, problem-solving, and analytical abilities, simplifying complex technical concepts. As a vital member of Team EDC, Brad offers his expertise and innovative solutions to drive business success, constantly seeking ways to leverage technology for organizational growth.

Stacey Wilks

Resource & Procurement Specialist

Stacey, with an impressive 26-year tenure at EDC, is an expert in print, promotional, kitting, and fulfillment services, covering sourcing, procurement, graphics, inventory management, and distribution. Her true passion lies in exceptional customer service, always going above and beyond to ensure satisfaction. A helpful team player, she shares her vast knowledge and best practices for optimal outcomes. Proudly calling Springfield home, Stacey's hobbies include singing, songwriting, and supporting Dog Rescue, reflecting her compassionate nature. She diligently serves Team EDC above and beyond in time and effort. 

Terra Cunningham

Outside Sales & Account Representative

​During her nine-year tenure at EDC, Terra's commitment to top-notch customer service, collaboration, and personal growth has been unwavering. Currently an outside sales account representative for Bass Pro and its family, she adds flair and funk to conversations while seeking cool promotional items for customers. With access to emails and company software on her mobile devices, Terra remains highly responsive. Her balanced approach ensures a healthy work-life balance. For any inquiries or assistance, don't hesitate to reach out to Terra.

Jennifer Haber


Bio to come

Jennifer Twombly

Senior Accountant

Bachelor of Science degree in Accounting with 30+ (ouch) years of experience in various industries including manufacturing, health care, and non-profit. I enjoy the teamwork atmosphere at EDC and the solutions we bring forward to our clients.  Proud wife and mother of two, grandmother to one. I spend my free time enjoying the lake and spending it with friends and family.

Don Graves

Print Shop Manager

Don Graves is the current Print Shop Manager at EDC, where he has seamlessly transitioned his 15 years of management experience in the retail and manufacturing industries into the realm of print and design. His time in the U.S. Army also taught him invaluable team-building and work ethic skills that have been instrumental in EDC's success. Don, known for his keen attention to detail, has cultivated a deep passion for the art of print and design. He considers himself fortunate to have his talented daughter, Emily, working alongside him, contributing her skills to their print shop. Together, with Don's extensive management background and Emily's creative talents, they are committed to delivering top-notch quality and efficiency in every project they undertake. Don is always eager to connect and discuss all aspects of the printing process, so anyone interested in the exciting world of print can reach out to him for a conversation.

Emily Graves

Preflight Specialist

Meet Emily, our Pre-Flight Specialist, who, in just 6 months, has become an indispensable asset to our team. With a strong work ethic and dedication, Emily excels in pre-flight specialist duties while actively contributing her expertise to art-related tasks and the printshop. Her versatility and unwavering commitment ensure the smooth execution of every project she undertakes, consistently leading to successful outcomes. Emily is recognized for her readiness to put her skills to the test and her dedication to personal and professional growth. Currently working towards a graphic design degree, she's a testament to the pursuit of excellence. Despite her relatively short time with us, she has already proven her immense value.

Joe Klafehn

Warehouse Manager

As a former Marine, Joe is mission focused and the mission is Strengthening Businesses & their Brands through customer centered Partnerships.

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