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Brand consistency is the key and and it has a definite impact on your company both psychological and financially. Although it is critical it can be a challenge getting everyone to buy-in. Education takes time, but you need to start now.

A brand guide (brand style guide or brand identity guidelines) is a document that outlines the key visual and messaging elements that make up an organization's brand identity whether large or small. It serves as a consistency reference for those internally or externally. Communications, marketing materials, and branding efforts need to be consistent and aligned with the company's overall brand strategy.

A brand guide typically includes guidelines for logo usage, typography, color palette, imagery, tone of voice, and other visual and verbal elements that represent the brand. It may also include examples of how the brand should be applied in various contexts, such as digital media, print materials, and packaging.

A comprehensive brand guide helps to ensure that a brand is perceived consistently across all touchpoints and reinforces its unique values, personality, and messaging to audiences. It is an important tool for brand managers, designers, and marketing teams to maintain brand integrity and build brand recognition over time.

Top 10 Brand Style Guide Quick Tips:

  1. Establish a consistent visual identity throughout your materials.
  2. Select appropriate fonts, colors, and imagery to reflect your brand.
  3. Emphasize brand values and mission statement in all content.
  4. Utilize a clear and concise writing style.
  5. Ensure all materials contain accurate and up-to-date information.
  6. Provide detailed instructions on how to use logo and other assets.
  7. Create a culture of collaboration and feedback.
  8. Provide templates to help ensure consistency.
  9. Develop guidelines for social media use.
  10. Revisit the style guide periodically to ensure it is up-to-date. 

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